Spaceman Carl

I am Spaceman-Carl, or at least he is a part of me. One piece of my multi-faceted subconscious that I let control myself. Adversary is another character you may come across in my rantings, he is another example but on the more homicidal/suicidal range of emotion and spectrum.

As crazy as that sounds I'm just a 19 year old (as of 2013) guy who loves Avatar, Science Fiction/Cyberpunk and photography. I like to be as open minded as I can, so if any of you followers catch me misbehaving on here or going down the wrong thought process with Adversary you can send any criticism you want my way.

Thankyou for visiting and spending the time to read this record of my insanity.

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Cliff Chiang ~ a Series of Star Wars Propaganda posters.

He sells these and the Bombshells prints on his website:

His original art is for sale from:

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